Software & Datasets


Filtered PCMCI (F-PCMCI) – Causal discovery software augmented with a feature-selection method based on Transfer Entropy. This is a Python package developed as part of the DARKO project.

NeuroSyM – Neuro-symbolic approach for enhancing the accuracy of multivariate time-series prediction, especially for applications of context-aware human motion prediction. Software developed as part of the DARKO project.

Bayesian People Tracking – ROS library with classes and methods for Bayesian estimation, including EKF, UKF, and SIR Particle Filters, specifically designed for people tracking with mobile robots. It includes also Nearest Neighbour and JPDA data association algorithms for dealing with multiple targets.

FLOBOT software – ROS libraries for human detection and tracking with the FLOBOT mobile robot, including 3D LiDAR-based tracking.

ENRICHME software – ROS libraries for human perception and physiological monitoring with the ENRICHME mobile robot, including software modules for the Ambient Intelligence System (AIS).


Office Dataset – A dataset of images for visual object detection and classification with a mobile phone, part of the ActiVis project.

Social Activity Datasets – A collection of datasets for social activity recognition with a depth camera.

FLOBOT Perception Dataset – A dataset collected by a robot scrubber in large environments (airport, warehouse, supermarket), as part of the FLOBOT project, using 3D LiDAR and RGB-D camera for human detection and tracking, plus RGB-D and stereo cameras for dirt and object detection.

3D Point Cloud Dataset for People Detection – A dataset of 3D LiDAR point clouds for human detection with a mobile robot, part of the FLOBOT project.

RGB-D-T Re-identification Dataset – A dataset of depth and thermal images for human re-identification with a mobile robot, part of the ENRICHME project.

Thermal Physiological Monitoring Dataset – A dataset of thermal images for human physiological monitoring (temperature, respiration, heartbeat) with a mobile robot, part of the ENRICHME project.

Domotic Sensors Dataset – A dataset of multiple domotic sensors (e.g. presence and contact detectors) for human activity monitoring in smart environments, part of the ENRICHME project.